Automation Industry 4.0

Devendra Autocom Pvt Ltd can automate your manufacturing line by increasing the productivity potential of your company with automation in Industry 4.0. With the help of the Industrial Internet of things, we can connect, manage, and watch over networks of machines. We can make your business more flexible and efficient using our Industry 4.0 automation technology. Our cost-efficient automation solution can safeguard your manufacturing activities with enhanced control. Devendra Autocom Pvt Ltd will reduce the production time and augment your processes with Virtual reality techniques. Avail of our top-edge Automation Industry 4.0 technology to expand your business horizons.


Devendra Autocom Pvt Ltd exports high-quality auto components all across the world. As one of the most renowned spare parts exporters in India, we leverage innovative technology, skilled personnel, and proven methodology to export engine auto parts in line with the specific requirements of our clients. Our complete spare parts are engineered by considering factors like durability, reliability, and performance to guarantee the highest quality. We strictly adhere to the quality standards and customer delivery time frame, delivering a gamut of products to the automotive market across the globe. With all these facilities, we have a good network for a strong connection with entities handling logistics services to deliver the goods to the customer’s doorstep on time and safely.

Manufacturing OEM

Devendra Autocom Pvt Ltd offers a wide variety of original OEM brand peripheral spare parts, at an attractive price. These parts are available to order via Shop Online at the E-Commerce platform. We have an online spare parts catalog online that you can use to locate the spares you want. We offer a wide range of engine parts for engines that have been chosen based on our extensive product and engine experience. Take advantage of our competitive prices with the original OEM brands, and availability in our Devendra Autocom Pvt Ltd to make your business easy, reliable, and cost-effective. We are the reliable partner you have been looking for to maintain your machine uptime and increase productivity.

Manufacturing in Defense

Devendra Autocom Pvt Ltd has gained excellence and built a reputation as a top-quality spare part supplier for defense automobiles. We have achieved excellence in technical knowledge & about specifications regarding requirements of various different kinds of automobiles. Over the years we have developed expertise in sourcing and procurement. We have built exclusive contracts and unique supply channels with government and Indian defense organizations. We are determined to maintain our leading position as an aftermarket spare parts supplier, expand globally, and strengthen our international cooperation to bring new technologies for defense.


We at Devendra Autocom Pvt Ltd offer quality fuel pump repair solutions with our technology partners Hartridge, Continental, and Turbo Technic. We test all your fuel injectors with intelligent test rigs purchased from Hartridge Ltd. We have wide serviceability with a wide variety of test equipment we procure from our top-notch technology partners. Instruments like the HA4500 test stand can enable us to inspect both single-cylinder and multi-cylinder fuel pumps. We are all-in-one service providers for all types of fuel pump repair solutions with a wide range of instruments from our partners. We can test both diesel and petrol fuel pumps of engines of any capacity. Also, we offer pressure kits for controlling the Auto pressure of common rail pumps.

Sale's & Services

We offer direct trade of spare parts for all your automobile requirements by manufacturing and selling quality parts. To keep our word of the value we altogether check the items before supply. We require far-reaching specialized training on the equipment we employ, which enables us to meet the needs of our clients. Additionally, we know the significance of on-time supply at Vessel, so we generally care for the promptness in our company and hence we are the leading spare parts supplier in India. We export the best quality products to our valued customers. We always make endeavors for a better price, high quality, and on-time delivery.